Allied Health Programs

Major Major Code Griffin Flint Sites 100% Online
Dental Assisting
Dental Assisting (Diploma) DA12 X
Health Care Assistant
Health Care Assistant (TCC) HA21 X X Butts and Henry
Health Care Science (TCC) HS21 X X Butts and Henry
Medical Assisting
Dual Enrollment Medical Office Support Technician (TCC) DE31 COI, GRCCA
Health Care Management (AAS) HC23 X
Medical Assisting (Diploma) MA22 X X
Medical Laboratory Technology
Phlebotomy Technician (TCC) PT21 X X Henry, COI
Nursing Degree (AAS) NG73 X (Fall Only) Henry
Orthopaedic Technology
Orthopaedic Technology (AAS) OT13 X
Paramedicine (AAS) PT13 X
Paramedicine (Diploma) PT12 X
EMS Professions (Diploma) EP12 X X Jasper
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) (TCC) EMH1 X X
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) (TCC) EB71 X Jasper, COI
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) (TCC) EMJ1 X X Jasper
Pharmacy Technology
Pharmacy Technology (AAS) PT23 X
Pharmacy Technology (Diploma) PT22 X GRCCA
Practical Nursing
Practical Nursing (Diploma) PN12 X X
Hemodialysis Patient Care Specialist (TCC) HPC1 X
Nurse Aide (TCC) CN21 X X Butts, Henry, COI, GRCCA
Patient Care Assistant (TCC) PC21 X X Butts and Henry
Radiologic Technology
Radiologic Technology (AAS) RT23 X
Computed Tomography Specialist (TCC) CT91 Henry
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist (TCC) MRI1 Henry
Respiratory Care
Respiratory Care (AAS) RCT3 X
Electrocardiography Technology (TCC) ET81 X
Polysomnography Technician (TCC) PT61 X
Surgical Technology
Surgical Technology (AAS) ST13 X
Surgical Technology(Diploma) ST12 X
Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician (TCC) CS91 X

Upon admission to the College, students desiring to enter an Allied Health program will be placed in either the Health Care Assistant (diploma) or the Health Care Management Degree (HC23) program while working on admission requirements for their chosen medical program. Acceptance into any Allied Health program is a competitive selection process.

Dual Allied Health or medical programs are not allowed. Health Care Assistant or Health Care Management students must complete their certificate before adding another major.

Students with Criminal Histories

Southern Crescent Technical College allows students, regardless of criminal history, to enroll in any program for which they academically qualify. Students with a criminal background may enroll in clinical courses or internship courses but could be denied access to an internship placement or clinical site. The access is not denied on the behalf of Southern Crescent Technical College, but rather by the policies and procedures of the individual business, agency, or organization allowing the clinical site, internship placement, or state licensure.