Getting Registered for Classes

Part-time status & Full-time status

A student is considered to have full-time status if he/she is registered for 12 or more credit hours in a semester. A student registered for six or more credit hours, but less than 12 credit hours, is considered to be a part-time student.

Course Audit

A student may enroll in any class for audit on a noncredit, space-available basis, with payment of the regular credit hour fee. The student is expected to attend classes and participate in class activities, but is not required to complete assignments or take examinations. Audit hours may not be converted to credit at a later date. Students must declare a course as audit status at the time of initial registration by submitting a completed Official Course Audit Form to the Academic Affairs Office and payment of all fees to the Business Office.

Credit by Examination

Exemption Exam

A currently enrolled or accepted program student may receive course credit by passing an examination if one is offered. The examination may be written and/or performance based and validates competencies in skills the student would obtain through actual enrollment in the course. Exemption exams are given each semester. The list of exemption exams available and the schedule of test administration are available in the Academic Affairs Office.

Advanced Placement (AP) Course Equivalents

Advanced Placement Examinations – Credit will be awarded to students who have taken appropriate courses (determined equivalent to courses offered at a Technical College) in high school and achieve a score of 3 or more on the Advanced Placement Examination. Official test scores from College Board are required for credit to be awarded. For AP scores, please call 1-888-308-0013 or visit College Board to request official scores to be sent to Southern Crescent Technical College.

College-Level Examination Placement (CLEP) Credit

CLEP®-- The College accepts College-Level Examination Program credit from the College Board, but does not offer the exams on campus. Check the College Board website for available exams, fees, and test locations. To receive CLEP credit, the scores received must be at the 50th percentile or higher. Students wishing to earn CLEP credit should contact the Registrar.

Exemption Exam Procedures

  • A student cannot attempt to exempt a course in which he or she is currently enrolled nor for any course in which he or she has been enrolled. The only exception is for those courses in which a student successfully completed, but have become obsolete because they are over five years old. No exemption exam may be attempted more than once.
  • Students should obtain an Exemption Examination Application at any Academic Affairs office. The application should be fully completed including necessary signatures.
  • To schedule the exam for a particular date, time, and location, students must sign up for the exam at The Community Service Center on the Griffin Campus, Building 100 and on the Flint Campus.
  • Payment must be made before a student registers for a particular date, time, location, and exam.
  • A non-refundable fee of 25% of course tuition is charged for each exam. This fee must be paid prior to taking the exam, and a receipt for this fee must be presented to the examiner at the time of the exam.
  • The fee requirement is waived for eligible articulated secondary students.
  • All exams are to be taken without any outside aids such as textbooks, notes, etc.
  • A minimum score of 80% must be achieved to successfully exempt a course.
  • If the student successfully exempts a course, a grade of EXE will be assigned. It is not calculated into the grade point average. Exemption exams most likely will not transfer to other colleges; although, transferability is always up to the receiving college.
  • If the course being exempted by examination has a pre-requisite course requirement, the pre-requisite must be satisfied by either passing the exemption test, if available, or successfully passing the pre-requisite course.
  • Academic Affairs will notify the student of the results of the exam. The Registrar’s Office will record the grade for posting to the student’s transcript.

NOTE: The Office of Academic Affairs determines what courses are available for exemption testing. Financial aid will not cover the cost of exemption exam fees.

Credit through Experience

Southern Crescent Technical College recognizes that learning can take place in a variety of settings other than the College classroom. Students who have completed documented training through law enforcement, the military, or similar organizations that provide transcripts from the training may be eligible for college credit. Only current students who have successfully completed at least three (3) hours of credit at Southern Crescent Technical College are eligible to request credit through experience. A maximum of 12 hours can be obtained through experience. Students wishing to be granted credit through experience should obtain a Request for Credit for Experiential Learning Form from the Academic Affairs Office. Along with the form, the student must submit official copies of transcripts that list all training. Training hours must approximate the contact hours for the requested college course. The program coordinator will review the documentation. If all requirements are met, the document will be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs / Designee, a grade of EXP is assigned and credits are awarded. Quality points are not calculated into the GPA. Experiential credits most likely will not transfer to other colleges; although, transferability is always up to the receiving college. There is no fee for credits earned through experience.

Current Student Registration

Current student registration is held prior to the beginning of the next term. Online registration is available for current students by accessing Banner Web located on Southern Crescent Technical College’s website. All students are encouraged to see their advisor prior to registration. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to discuss progress and course selection before registering online. The student must complete the process by paying fees or obtaining the proper authorization from the financial aid director.

Class Load

A student registered for 12 or more semester hours of credit is classified by the College as a full-time student. Students may not register for more than 18 semester hours in any given semester without approval from the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Distance Education

Southern Crescent Technical College participates with Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC) by offering courses over the Internet. Blackboard (BbL) Learning Management System (LMS) is used by Southern Crescent and GVTC as the primary form of LMS. There are three types of courses offered through BbL LMS including: Online (O), Hybrid (K1 and K2), and Web-enhanced (V).

Online (O) courses are taught through BbL LMS over the Internet. Students come to campus only if the online course instructor requires a proctored exam, a presentation, a course orientation at the beginning of the semester, or any other reason as deemed necessary by the instructor.

Hybrid (K1) courses include 50 percent or less of instructional time in the classroom with the balance percent via the BbL LMS. It is considered an online class but affords students more interaction than a traditional online class.

Hybrid (K2) courses include 50 percent or more of instructional time in the classroom with the balance percent via the BbL LMS.

Web-enhanced (V) courses are traditional classroom courses that use the BbL LMS as an important component of the course.

Students interested in taking online courses can find course offerings by looking at the course schedule that is released before registration begins each semester.

Security for our students using the BbL LMS is important to Southern Crescent Tech. The BbL LMS uses unique user ID and password protection for all classes taught at the College.

Each student is assigned a unique student number, also known as a student ID, when they are enrolled at the College. The BbL login is created with two identifiers: the first is the College identifier and the unique student ID. The password is generic for the first time students log into the BbL system. After the first initial login, students are prompted to change this generic password immediately before they enter into their course(s).

The Student Helpdesk is available for BbL LMS, student email and Banner Web concerns. The Helpdesk is available Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 am.

Additional Helpdesk information can be found on The Southern Crescent Student Helpdesk webpage (

Southern Crescent students can take online courses from other Georgia Technical Colleges if a course is not being offered at Southern Crescent for a particular semester. To find out more about online courses offered at other Georgia Technical Colleges, visit Georgia Virtual Technical Connection’s webpage ( or talk with your advisor.


Some programs require a certain number of electives from occupational-related areas. Any course pre-requisite must be met. Some programs require general electives which can be fulfilled by satisfactorily completing any credit course. Degree-level general core elective requirements are fulfilled by satisfactorily completing a general core class at the 1100 level or higher.