Technical and Industrial Programs

Major Major Code
Air Conditioning Technology
Air Conditioning Technology (AAS) ACT3
Air Conditioning Technology (Diploma) ACT2
Air Conditioning Electrical Technician (TCC) ACK1
Air Conditioning Repair Specialist (TCC) ACY1
Air Conditioning System Maintenance Technician (TCC) AZ21
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant (TCC) AZ31
Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Technician (TCC) HAA1
Light Commercial Air Conditioning Specialization (TCC) LC11
Residential Air Conditioning Technician (TCC) RA21
Automated Manufacturing Technology
Precision Manufacturing and Maintenance (AAS) PMA3
Precision Manufacturing and Maintenance for GACATT (Diploma) PMA2
Manufacturing Maintenance Technician (TCC) MM71
Dual Enrollment Manufacturing Maintenance Technician (TCC) MMM1
Manufacturing Production Assistant (TCC) MP31
Dual Enrollment Manufacturing Production Assistant (TCC) MMP1
Industrial Maintenance Technician (TCC) IM31
Auto Collision Repair
Auto Collision Repair (Diploma) ACR2
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I (TCC) AB51
Automotive Refinishing Assistant I (TCC) ARA1
Automotive Refinishing Assistant II (TCC) AP71
Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology (AAS) AT23
Automotive Technology (Diploma) AT14
Automotive Fundamentals (Diploma) AF12
Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician (TCC) AE41
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist (TCC) ASG1
Automotive Climate Control Technician (TCC) AH21
Automotive Engine Performance Technician (TCC) AE51
Automotive Engine Repair Technician (TCC) AE61
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist (TCC) AA71
Carpentry (Diploma) CA22
Certified Construction Worker (TCC) CCW1
Framing Carpenter (TCC) FC71
Construction Management
Construction Management (Diploma) CM12
Construction Management Apprentice (TCC) CM71
Construction Manager (TCC) CM81
Commercial Truck Driving
Commercial Truck Driving (TCC) CT61
Diesel Equipment Technology
Diesel Equipment Technology (Diploma) DET4
Diesel Electrical and Electronic Systems Technician (TCC) DE11
Diesel Engine Service Technician (TCC)  DE21   
Electrical Construction and Maintenance
Electrical Systems Technology (Diploma) ES12
Electrical Technician (TCC)  ET51
Electrical Contracting Technician (TCC) ECL1   
Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician (TCC) PS11
Electrical Lineworker (TCC) EL11
Environmental Horticulture
Horticulture (AAS) EH13
Horticulture (Diploma) EH12
Garden Center Technician (TCC) GC31
Landscape Specialist (TCC) LS11
Sustainable Urban Agriculture Technician (TCC) SUA1
Turfgrass Maintenance Technician (TCC) TM21
Industrial Systems Technology
Industrial Systems Technology (AAS) IS13
Industrial Systems Technology (Diploma) IST4
Industrial Electrician (TCC) IE41
Industrial Fluid Power Technician (TCC) IF11
Industrial Motor Control Technician (TCC) IM41
Industrial Mechanical Systems (Diploma) IMS2
Industrial Maintenance Assistant (TCC) IM11
Industrial Systems Fundamentals (TCC) IS61
Mechatronics Technology (AAS) MT23
Mechatronics Technology (Diploma) MTD2
Mechatronics Technician (TCC) MT21
Programmable Control Technician (TCC) PC81
Machine Tool Technology
CNC Technology (Diploma) CT12
Precision Machining and Manufacturing (Diploma) MTT2
CNC Specialist (TCC) CS51
Lathe Operator (TCC) LP11
Mill Operator (TCC) MP11
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Technology (AAS) IME3
NCCER Plumbing and Pipefitting Technology (Diploma) PT32
NCCER Plumbers Assistant (TCC) BP11
NCCER Plumbing Technician (TCC) PT11
NCCER Intermediate Plumbing Technician (TCC) IPT1
NCCER Advanced Plumbing Technician (TCC) AP61
NCCER Pipefitting Technology (TCC) PT31
NCCER Basic Pipefitter(TCC) BP21
NCCER Intermediate Pipefitting Technician (TCC) IP31
NCCER Advanced Pipefitting Technician (TCC) AM71
Water Quality Management     
Water Quality Technician   WQT1   
Welding and Joining Technology
NCCER Welding and Joining Technician (Diploma) WA12
NCCER Shielded Metal Arc Welding (TCC) SM21
NCCER Dual Enrollment Shielded Metal Arc Welding (TCC) MS71
NCCER Gas Metal Arc Welding (TCC) GM21
NCCER Dual Enrollment Gas Metal Arc Welding (TCC) MGW1
NCCER Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TCC) GT31
NCCER Dual Enrollment Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TCC) MGE1
NCCER Pipe Welder (TCC) NP31