MA22 Medical Assisting, Diploma

Offered at the Griffin and Flint River Campuses 

Program Entrance Term: Fall, Spring, Summer (Day Classes ONLY)
Minimum Length of Program: 5 or 6 terms
Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation: 54

Program Description

The Medical Assisting diploma program is certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and prepares competent entry-level Medical Assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains. The Medical Assisting diploma program also prepares the competent entry-level Medical Assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains, prepares the student to sit for the national certification examination to become professionally certified as a medical assistant and prepares students for careers in a variety of positions in today's medical facilities. The sequence of courses emphasizes a combination of medical theory and practical application necessary for successful employment. The grading system for Medical Assisting requires a minimum course grade of C for progress from specified courses to more advanced courses. Classroom instruction and practical experience are divided between administrative skills and clinical skills in a variety of areas: scheduling appointments, banking, bookkeeping, insurance coding, hospital admissions, laboratory services, maintaining patient files, examination room techniques, assisting with minor surgery, administering medications, and performing diagnostic procedures including lab work and electrocardiography. During the program, the student gains experience in a physician's office or appropriate facility by participating in an externship. Clinical externship(s) may be scheduled day, evening, and on weekends. There is no remuneration for clinicals.

Employment Opportunities

Medical assistants work primarily in outpatient settings, including clinics, physicians’ offices, insurance companies, public and private hospitals, inpatient and outpatient facilities, as well as with specialty practitioners, such as chiropractors, optometrists, and podiatrists in outpatient care centers, nursing, and residential care facilities. 

For the year 2018, Southern Crescent Technical college’s Medical Assistant program had a 100% job placement rate.

College Admission Requirements

Prospective students entering all degree, diploma and certificate programs must do all of the following: 

Program Admission Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  •  Submit a Medical Assisting Program application:
  • Have completed all prerequisite classes as listed below: 
  • Have successfully completed (or transferred in) ENGL 1010, , PSYC 1010,   ALHS 1011, MATH 1012 ,COMP 1000 or  COLL 1500 and ALHS 1090 (with a grade of “C” or better)
  • All general education and occupational core classes test must be completed and submitted before the student can be considered as a candidate for the program. 
  • Applicants must meet general admission requirements, as well as the following minimum requirements: 
  • The student will be responsible for making sure that all transcripts are received by the college and evaluated by the College Registrar by the application deadline. 
  • Program applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. 
    • Applications for Fall program entry is the second week of June, Spring program entry is the second week of September and for Summer program entry is the second week of February
  • If the student is not accepted and wishes to apply for the next semester class, the student must submit a new Medical Assisting Program application and test scores during the next application period. 
  • There is no waiting list for this program. 

Readmission Policy

Withdrawal from any MAST program class constitutes withdrawal from the program for that term. If a student withdraws for any reason (whether academic deficiency or personal issues), the student may be allowed to re-enter a cohort class at the point he/she withdrew from the program, provided the student demonstrates proficiency. This courtesy is extended only once. Readmission into the Medical Assisting program following withdrawal or first-time failure will be based on the following:

  • Successful completion of written, comprehensive examinations for each previously successfully completed medical assisting course with a minimum competency of 85 percent, and
  • Successful completion of a comprehensive lab skills check-off with a minimum of 85 percent.

Deficiencies will result in the student repeating course(s). Upon readmission into the Medical Assisting program, the student must complete additional requirements as deemed necessary by the program faculty, i.e. a physical, drug screen, background check, etc. Readmission will be based on availability within the classroom setting and clinical sites. This courtesy is extended only once. Students who do not successfully complete the Medical Assisting program after two attempts, whether at Southern Crescent Technical College or at another college, will not be readmitted into the program.

Transferring medical assisting students from other technical colleges must first complete and submit an enrollment application and official transcripts to Southern Crescent Technical College. Each medical assisting course listed in the transferring student's official transcript will be considered for transfer credit after the transferring student has demonstrated proficiency by examination as noted above with the exception of MAST 1080 and MAST 1090MAST 1080MAST 1090MAST 1170 and MAST 1180 are not transferrable into the Medical Assisting program. A minimum of 25 percent of program courses must be completed on the SCTC campus for graduation from SCTC. Students who do not successfully complete the Medical Assisting program after two attempts, whether at Southern Crescent Technical College or at another college, will not be readmitted into the program.

Withdrawn students or transfer students who desire readmittance must meet current admissions and curriculum requirements and will be admitted following the demonstration of competencies as noted above, completion of the online application with accompanying attachments, and classroom and clinical site availability.

All first-term MAST students and all MAST transfer students will be required to complete a new drug screen and background check.

Approximate additional costs other than tuition, fees, and textbooks


approximately $150.00



National Registry (RMA)


Liability insurance

$10.00 per semester

Background check/drug screen


CPR (If Needed)




NOTE: Grading standards for medical assisting courses are very stringent. For students to progress to the next course of study, a minimum grade of C must be maintained.

Students who are unsuccessful after a second attempt at courses within the Medical Assisting curriculum will be advised to choose another program of study.

A student who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor may be admitted to the Medical Assisting program; however, such a conviction may prohibit a student from attending certain clinical sites and/or taking the Registry/Certification examination. Documentation of satisfying the penalty of the felony must be presented to the National Board with the exam application. Permission to sit for the examination rests solely with the National Board. Permission to attend a clinical site rests solely with the clinical facility.

Medical Assisting is a diploma program located on the Griffin and Flint River campuses. Medical Assisting is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board.

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs

25400 US HWY 19 N., Suite 158

Clearwater, FL 33763



The following is a suggested path to complete this program in a timely manner. An individual’s path to completion may be different based on institutional and personal factors affecting his/her academic progress.

Note: While all courses are offered, they may vary by term and campus. See the program advisor for any questions.

Contact Us

Christy Allen, B.B.A., Program Coordinator


Phone: 770.229.3197


Program Courses

First Term

ENGL 1010Fundamentals of English I


PSYC 1010Basic Psychology


ALHS 1090Medical Terminology for Allied Health Sciences


Second Term

MATH 1012Foundations of Mathematics


ALHS 1011Structure and Function of the Human Body


Choose One: (Required)

COLL 1500Student Success



COMP 1000Introduction to Computer Literacy


Total Credit Hours:3

Day Program Courses

Third Term—Day Program Courses

MAST 1010Legal and Ethical Concerns in the Medical Office


MAST 1060Medical Office Procedures


MAST 1080Medical Assisting Skills I


MAST 1120Human Diseases


Fourth Term—Day Program Courses

MAST 1030Pharmacology in the Medical Office


MAST 1090Medical Assisting Skills II


MAST 1100Medical Insurance Management


MAST 1110Administrative Practice Management


Fifth Term—Day Program Courses

MAST 1170Medical Assisting Externship


MAST 1180Medical Assisting Seminar