Computer Information Systems Programs

Major Major Code
Computer Programming
Computer Programming (AAS) CP23
Computer Programming (Diploma) CP24
C++ Programmer (TCC) CP21
Foundations of Computer Programming (TCC) FF41
Java Programmer (TCC) JP11
PHP Programmer (TCC) PP21
Dual Enrollment C# Programmer (TCC) MCH1
Dual Enrollment C++ Programmer (TCC) MCR1
Cybersecurity (AAS)  CY13
Cybersecurity (Diploma)    CY12 
Cybersecurity (TCC)   IS81 
Database Specialist
Database Specialist (AAS) DS13
Database Specialist (Diploma) DS14
SQL Server Database (TCC)     SSD1 
Web Application
Web Application Development (AAS) IS43
Web Application Development (Diploma) IS42
Mobile App Developer (TCC) MG71
Social Media Developer (TCC) SMD1
Web Application Developer (TCC) IB71
Web Site Design/Development
Web Site Design/Development (AAS) IS53
Web Site Design/Development (Diploma) IS64
Web Site Designer (TCC) IS41
Web Site Developer (TCC) ISE1
Graphics and Animation Developer (TCC) GAA1
Graphic Design Developer (TCC)  GDD1 
Web Front-End Developer (TCC) WFD1
Networking Specialist (AAS) NS13
Networking Specialist (Diploma) NS14
Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (TCC) CC41
Cisco Network Specialist (TCC) CN71
CompTIA A+ Certified Technician Preparation (TCC) CA71
Computer Hardware and Network Technician (TCC) CHA1
Help Desk Specialist (TCC) HD41
Information Technology Fundamentals (TCC) IT41
Microsoft Network Administrator (TCC) MS11
Network Support Specialist (TCC) NS31
Network Technician (TCC) NT21