EMSP 2110 Foundations of Paramedicine

This course introduces the student to the role of the paramedic in today's healthcare system, with a focus on the prehospital setting. This course will also prepare the student to integrate scene and patient assessment findings with knowledge of epidemiology and pathophysiology to form a field impression. This includes developing a list of differential diagnoses through clinical reasoning to modify the assessment and formulate a treatment plan. Topics include: EMS Systems; Research; Workforce Safety and Wellness; Documentation; EMS System Communication; Therapeutic Communication; Medical/Legal and Ethics; Life Span Development; Public Health; Incident Management; Air Medical; Scene Size-Up; Primary Assessment; History Taking; Secondary Assessment; Monitoring Devices; and Reassessment.




EMSP 2110, EMSP 2130 with a C or better


EMSP 2110, EMSP 2130 with a C or better

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