FILM 1120 Introduction to Special Effects Make-up Techniques for Film and TV

Licensed cosmetologist practice artistic abilities with each service performed. A Special Effect Make-up Technician also portrays the same artistic abilites with a keen eye for color and imagination. Within this course the student will continue to use acquired skills to create special effects make-up applications for film and television production. Course topics include research design of special effect make-up, basic art skills, tools and products used to create special make-up effects, aging techniques, replica productions, easy molds, transfers and tatoos, airbrushing techniques, and application to create desired results. A portion of this course will be taught in a laboratory setting for the development of all skills required to be a competent Film and Television Production Hair Style and Make-up Technician.






FILM 1110 - Make-up, Hair and Wardrobe Special Techniques for Film and TV

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