PPFT 1040 Equipment-Slings and Crane Riggings

Provides instruction on types of rigging equipment, slings and sling angles, use of rigging equipment, rigging crane practices including hazard and safety procedures, load charts and load balancing rigging and lift plan for pipes, standards and codes, conversion tables and right angle trigonometry, application and safety requirements for drain cleaners, man lifts, and cable lifts, and introduction to aboveground pipe installation including components, pipe sleeve installation and floor penetrations. Labs will demonstrate ability to perform safety inspections on rigging equipment and slings, proficient use of rigging equipment including setup, inspection and knot tying, crane operations including hand signaling and proper rigging for pipe lifts, proficient use of equivalents table, right angle trigonometry and ability to calculate takeouts using trigonometry, inspect scissor-type and telescoping boom manlifts, and proper storage of pipe and materials, fabrication of gaskets, flange bolt hole pipe installation and proficiency in floor penetrations and pipe sleeve installation.




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COFC 1080 - Construction Trades Core

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