PPFT 1070 Special Piping

Provides instruction related to alignment, steam traps, in-line devices, special piping, hot taps, valve maintenance, and supervisory roles. Topics include various terms, thermal expansion, anchors and cold springing, procedures for stress-relief, grouting, types of misalignments, types of steam traps, various types of in-line specialty devices, purpose and function, assembling pipes made from different materials, methods of assembly, brazing, soldering, use of compression and flared fittings and use of grooved and compression formed methods, hot tap safety and hazards, types of hot taps, valve maintenance, packing and O-rings, troubleshooting, and supervisory roles including cultural differences, gender-based social behavior, legal and ethical situations. Labs will demonstrate proficient flange alignment, proper troubleshooting of steam traps, assembly of copper and plastic tubing, solder and braze joint techniques using copper tubing, use of glass-lined pipe, install grooved pipe coupling, removal and installation of threaded and flanged valves, replacement of O-rings and bonnet gaskets, and proper repacking of a valve.






COFC 1080 - Construction Trades Core

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