Categories of Admission

Regular Admission

Students who meet all requirements for admission into a selected program and are eligible to take all courses in the program curriculum are granted regular admission status.

Provisional Admission

Students who do not meet all requirements for regular admission into a selected program may be granted provisional admission status. Provisionally admitted students may take learning support classes, and certain specified occupational courses as long as class pre- and co-requisites are satisfied. All certificate, diploma, and associate degree program students initially admitted on a provisional basis must have satisfactorily completed the necessary pre-requisite and learning support course work in order to progress through the state standard curriculum.

Applicants who score below the provisional cut scores in English, Math, and Reading are referred to Adult Education.

Students wanting to transfer in learning support courses should refer to the Transfer Student Admission section of the handbook for information about this process.

Veteran Students are required to submit college transcripts. 

Special Admit (Non-Credential seeking)

Applicants who wish to take credit coursework, but are not seeking a certificate, diploma, or associate degree are granted special admit status. The following specifics define the parameters of the status:

  • May apply up to a maximum of 17 semester credit hours into a specific program for credential seeking purposes after achieving regular admit status. The number of hours taken as a special admit student in no way waives the requirements of the regular admission process.
  • Students who do not test may still be admitted as special admit but may not register for degree level core courses.
  • May enroll in classes only on a space-available basis.
  • Students are registered by the Office of the Registrar personnel during the new/returning registration period.
  • Will not be eligible for any financial aid.
  • The student will not receive a certificate, diploma, or associate degree under the special admit status.
  • Special admit students will not receive permission to take courses at other colleges under transient status.

Pending Admit Status (High School Seniors only)

Applicants who are in their final year of high school and are applying for a college term immediately after they graduate are granted Pending Admit Status.

The following specifics define the parameters of this status: 

  • Applicants must submit a transcript showing the applicant is on track for completing all required high school courses before the semester they wish to enroll. A letter from the high school confirming the pending completion is encouraged to be sent with the transcript.
  • Will be allowed to register for courses after course placement requirements have been met.
  • These applicants are not eligible for federal financial aid until a final high school transcript has been received.

Transient Admission

Students seeking transient admission must submit an Admission Application and pay the application fee. Students who submit a Transient Agreement Letter from their home institution are granted transient admission status. The Transient Agreement Letter should verify that the student is in good standing and should list the courses the student is eligible to take. A current Transient Agreement Letter is required for each term of enrollment. Transient/host students are registered by the Office of the Registrar personnel during the new/returning student registration period on a space available basis.

Note: Home transient students will only receive permission to take courses required for his/her program of study at other colleges.

Transfer Student Admission

An applicant seeking admission to Southern Crescent Technical College as a transfer student must:

  • Submit an official copy of final high school or GED transcript and all college transcripts. A transcript is considered official only when it bears the seal of the granting institution and is mailed directly to Southern Crescent Technical College, hand delivered in a sealed official envelope, or sent E-Script by participating colleges. Students who have completed a degree level program at another regionally accredited college and who present an official transcript documenting the degree will not be required to submit a high school or GED transcript.
  • Non-U.S. high school and college transcripts must be evaluated by an approved translation service who will then forward the evaluation to the College. Contact the Student Affairs Office for names of translation and evaluation services used by Southern Crescent Technical College.

Credits from regionally accredited colleges or other post-secondary institutions may transfer if:

  1. They are of the same content and length of the course required in the Southern Crescent Technical College program, and
  2. A grade of C or better was earned.

An official transcript from each post-secondary school is required for an evaluation. It may be necessary to provide the Registrar with course descriptions. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain any additional information requested by the Registrar. Transferability of general core courses is not typically affected by date of completion. Health sciences, computer sciences, and related courses greater than five years old may not be transferable and are subject to review due to the nature of the subject matter. See catalog for additional information. Transferability of occupational courses is determined by the program coordinators as relevant to the subject area. Once the transcript is evaluated, a letter is mailed to the student. The credits are posted to the student’s academic record using a grade of TR, which is not calculated into the grade point average.

Students may take learning support courses at other TCSG institutions and transfer the learning support courses to Southern Crescent; however, students will be required to take a placement exam at SCTC to determine that the mastery level has been reached prior to enrolling in credit-bearing courses.

A student must complete at least 25% of his or her credit hours at Southern Crescent Technical College in order to be awarded a diploma, degree, or certificate from Southern Crescent Technical College. The 25% does not include advanced standing through transfer of credit, military credit, credit by exemption, credit by experience, or articulation.

Veteran Students are required to submit college transcripts. 

International Student Admission

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) currently does not authorize Southern Crescent Technical College to issue student visas. Applicants who are permanent residents or who qualify under refugee or asylum status are exempt from obtaining M-1 visas to attend college. To gain consideration for admission, applicants must:

  1. Submit the College’s application for admission and the $25 one-time, non-refundable application fee payable with U.S. currency, a credit card, a money order, or a check issued by a bank in the United States.
  2. Submit valid placement program test scores (ACCUPLACER, COMPASS, ASSET, SAT, ACT).
  3. Provide copies of resident alien identification cards, depending on eligibility.
  4. Provide official English translations of all secondary and post-secondary records and evaluations of those records by an independent evaluation service. (The addresses, applications, and information on the approved companies that provide evaluation services of foreign transcripts are available from the Student Affairs Office.) Applicants must pay the costs of having their records translated and/or evaluated. At a minimum, applicants must have the equivalent of a U.S. high school diploma.

After applicants submit this documentation, the Student Affairs Office will evaluate their application materials. The College will assess tuition at a rate that is four times the rate assessed for Georgia residents until international residents establish in-state residency.

Former Student Admission

Students who are inactive at Southern Crescent Technical College after one or more semesters will be required to:

  1. Submit a completed application form to the Admissions Office.
  2. Meet program admission requirements in effect at the time of readmission, including assessment (testing) requirements. If test scores are not sufficient based on program requirements, the student may be required to retest or provide acceptable transfer coursework prior to readmission.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges, universities, or institutions attended since their last enrollment. Veteran Students are required to submit college transcripts. 
  4. Must attend orientation.

Senior Citizen Admission

Amendment 23 to the Georgia Constitution provides for the enrollment of persons 62 years of age or older in post-secondary education in Georgia. Provisions of the amendment include:

  1. The applicant must be 62 years of age or older at the time of registration and must present a birth certificate, state issued identification, or other comparable written documentation of age.
  2. Upon admission, the applicant may enroll as a regular or auditing student in courses offered for resident credit on a space-available basis without payment of tuition.
  3. However, the applicant will be responsible for payment of other applicable fees.

The applicant must meet all admission requirements.