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Major Code
General Studies  
General Studies (AS) AB73
Consumer Economics (AS) CE33
Accounting Fundamentals (TCC)  AF21 
Business Technology    
Business Technology (AAS)   BA23 
Business Technology (Diploma)   BA22 
Administrative Support Assistant (TCC)   AS21 
Microsoft Office Applications Professional (TCC)   MF41 
Technical Specialist (TCC)   TC31 
Business Management   
Business Management (AAS)  MD13
Business Management (Diploma)   MD12 
Entrepreneur Management (TCC)   EE71 
Human Resource Management Specialist (TCC)   HRM1 
Management and Leadership Specialist (TCC)   MAL1 
Organizational Leadership Specialist (TCC)   OLS1 
Service Sector Management Specialist (TCC)  SSM1
Small Business Management Specialist (TCC)  SB41 
Small Business Owner (TCC)  SBF1 
Supervisory/Management Specialist (TCC)  SS31 
Early Childhood Care and Education  
Early Childhood Care and Education Basics (TCC)  EC31 
Child Development Specialist (TCC)  CD61 
Early Childhood Program Administration (TCC)  ECP1
Early Childhood Exceptionalities (TCC)   EC41 
Infant and Toddler Care Specialist (TCC)  IC31 
Logistics & Supply Chain Management   
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (AAS)   LAS3 
Logistics Management Specialist (TCC)   LM21 
Logistics Management Technician (TCC)   LMT1 
Medical Assisting   
Medical Receptionist (TCC)    MR51  
Paralegal Studies    
Paralegal Studies (Diploma)   PS12 
Paralegal Fundamentals (TCC)   PF21 
Public Safety 
Fire Science Technology (AAS) FS13
Fire Science Technology (Diploma) FST2
Basic Fire Company Officer (TCC) BF11
Fire Officer I (TCC) FF31
Fire Officer II (TCC)  FF51 
Criminal Justice Technology (AAS)  CJT3
Criminal Justice Technology (Diploma)   CJT2 
Criminal Justice Fundamentals (TCC)  CJ71 
Criminal Justice Specialist (TCC)  CJ21