CSSP 1022 Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician Practicum II

This course complements CSSP 1010 Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician, and together with CSSP 1020 Central Sterile Processing Supply Practicum II, providing the practica hours necessary to meet the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) requirements to sit for the certification examination.
Additionally, the course orients students to the clinical environment and provides experience with the basic skills necessary to the Central Sterile Tech. Topics include, but are not limited to instrument handling and reprocessing of instruments and supplies. This course will also introduce the student to the Central Sterile environment by participating in clinical experiences.  An emphasis is placed on observation and/or participation in the Central Sterile department. This course provides the requirements necessary for the student to be eligible to sit for the CBSPD Certification Board for the Sterile Processing and Distribution examination.





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