CT61 Commercial Driving – Class A, Technical Certificate of Credit

Offered at the Flint River Campus and Butts Site

Program Entrance Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Minimum Length of Program: 1 term
Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation: 9

Program Description

The Commercial Driving - Class A certificate program provides basic training in the principles and skills of commercial truck operation. The program is based on the definition of a truck driver as one who operates a commercial motor vehicle of all different sizes and descriptions on all types of roads. The CTD program prepares students for the Georgia CDL Skills Exam.

College Admission Requirements (STEP 1)

• Apply to Southern Crescent Technical College: https://bannerss.sctech.edu/pls/ban8/bwskalog.P_DispLoginNon

• Be at least 18 years of age

• High school diploma or GED are NOT required

CTDL Program Admission Requirements (STEP 2)

• Submit completed application for the Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) Program Application: https://www.sctech.edu/programs/cdl-program-application/

• Must be 18 years old to operate in the state of Georgia (21 to operate nationally)

• Must have valid Georgia Driver’s License and Class AP Learner’s Permit.

• Must have a DOT physical medical card

• Must have a seven year MVR (Motor Vehicle Report)

A seven-year MVR report with no more than six points in the last three years, no more than four moving violations in the last three years, and have no DUI, open container, or possession of an illegal substance in the last seven years. If convicted of a felony within the last ten years, student must be interviewed by the program coordinator. (A felony may affect licensure and/or employment options.)

• Must pass USDOT Physical and Drug Screen (five-panel) and alcohol test.

• Drug screen will be done on the first day of class.

• If all the above items are not submitted as attachments to the CDL program application. The CDL program application will be an incomplete application. Student will not be able to register for CTDL classes.

A commercial driving disqualification is imposed when a licensee is convicted of two or more serious traffic offenses within a three-year period. A first disqualification is for 60 days and a second or subsequent disqualification is for 120 days per code O.C.G.A. 40-5-151(f) (1).

A “serious traffic violation” includes any of the following offenses when committed while operating a commercial motor vehicle or a non-commercial motor vehicle per code O.C.G.A. 40-5-142(22).

1. Speeding 15 or more miles per hour above the posted speed limit

2. Reckless driving, as defined under state and local law

3. Following another vehicle too closely, as defined under state or local law

4. Improper or erratic lane change

5. Any violation relating to motor vehicle traffic control that involves a fatal crash

6. A railroad grade crossing violation as defined under state law or local ordinance

7. Driving a commercial motor vehicle without obtaining a commercial driver’s license

8. Driving a commercial motor vehicle without a valid commercial driver’s license in the driver’s immediate possession, or

9. Driving a commercial motor vehicle without a commercial driver’s license of the proper class and/or endorsements for the specific vehicle being operated or for the passengers or type of cargo transported.

Georgia law provides that a commercial driving disqualification must be imposed even if the licensee does not hold a commercial driver’s license. This has no impact upon a citizen’s non-commercial driving privilege but merely prevents him or her from obtaining a commercial driver’s license during the period of disqualification.

The following is a suggested path to complete this program in a timely manner. An individual’s path to completion may be different based on institutional and personal factors affecting his/her academic progress.

Note: While all courses are offered, they may vary by term and campus. See the program advisor for any questions.

Contact Us

Ben Naggatz, Program Coordinator
Email: ben.naggatz@sctech.edu
Phone: (770) 504-7197


Program Courses


CTDL 1010Fundamentals of Commercial Driving



CTDL 1021Combination Vehicle Basic Operation and Range Work



CTDL 1022 Commercial Driving Training Internship I



CTDL 1031Combination Vehicle Advanced Operations



CTDL 1032 Commercial Driving Training Internship II



CTDL 1035Combination Vehicle Advanced Operations/Automatic Restriction