PS11 Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician, Technical Certificate of Credit

Offered at the Griffin Campus

Program Entrance Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Minimum Length of Program: 2 terms
Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation: 15

Program Description

The Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician Technical Certificate of Credit provides individuals with the opportunity to enter the workforce area that specializes in electrical applications of installing, inspecting, and repairing solar panels in the electrical construction industry.

Admission Requirements

  • Submit completed application and application fee
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • High school diploma or GED are NOT required

The following is a suggested path to complete this program in a timely manner. An individual’s path to completion may be different based on institutional and personal factors affecting his/her academic progress.

Note: While all courses are offered, they may vary by term and campus. See the program advisor for any questions.

Contact Us

Tommy Woodall, Program Coordinator


Phone: (770) 412-5732

Program Courses

First Term

IDFC 1007Industrial Safety Procedures


IDFC 1011Direct Current I


ELTR 1020Alternating Current Fundamentals


ELTR 1060Electrical Prints, Schematics, and Symbols


Second Term

ELTR 1525Photovoltaic Systems