WQT1 Water Quality Technician, Technical Certificate of Credit

Offered at the Henry County Center

Program Entrance Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Minimum Length of Program: 2 terms
Minimum Credit Hours for Graduation: 12

Program Description

The Water Quality Technician technical certificate of credit program offers specialized training to those who are interested in becoming water quality technicians whether working for city, county, state governments or business and industry. Credit courses count toward the Environmental Technology associate degree. Courses are recognized by the Secretary of State toward licensure requirements.

Admission Requirements

  • Submit completed application and application fee
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • High school diploma or GED are NOT required
  • Meet assessment requirements

Program Courses

The following is a suggested path to complete this program in a timely manner. An individual’s path to completion may be different based on institutional and personal factors affecting his/her academic progress.

Note:  While all courses are offered, they may vary by term and campus. See the program advisor for any questions.

Contact Us

Sheila Kern

Email: Sheila.Kern@sctech.edu

Phone: (770) 914-4431


Program Courses


ESCI 1010Occupational Safety and Health Regulations


ESCI 1120Water Treatment Processes


ESCI 1140Wastewater Treatment


ESCI 1260Water Supply