Programs DO NOT Require a High School Diploma or GED



Major Code
Office Accounting Specialist (TCC) OA31 
Air Conditioning Technology  
Air Conditioning Electrical Technician (TCC)  ACK1 
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant (TCC)  AZ31 
Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Technician (TCC)    HAA1
Auto Collision  
Auto Collision Repair Assistant I (TCC)  AB51 
Auto Refinishing Assistant I (TCC)  ARA1 
Auto Refinishing Assistant II (TCC)  AP71 
Automotive Technology   
Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician (TCC)   AE41
Automotive EnginePerformance Technician (TCC)   AE51
Automotive Engine Repair Technician (TCC)  AE61 
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Technician Specialist (TCC)   AA71
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist (TCC)  ASG1 
Automotive Climate Control Technician (TCC)   AH21
Business Technology    
Administrative Support Assistant (TCC)   AS21 
Microsoft Office Applications Professional (TCC)   MF41 
Certified Construction Worker (TCC)   CCW1 
Commercial Truck Driving   
Commercial Truck Driving (TCC)   CT61
Computer Information Systems   
CompTIA A+ Certified Technician Preparation (TCC)  CA71 
Help Desk Specialist (TCC)  HD41 
Network Support Specialist (TCC)  NS31 
Network Technician (TCC)  NT21
Web Application Developer (TCC)   IB71
Nail Technician (TCC)  NT11 
Shampoo Technician (TCC)  ST11 
Culinary Arts   
Catering Specialist (TCC)   CS61
Food Production Worker I (TCC)  FPW1 
Prep Cook (TCC)  PC51
Diesel Technology   
Diesel Engine Service Technician (TCC)  DE21
Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems Tech (TCC)   DE11 
Early Childhood Care and Education   
Early Childhood Care and Education Basics (TCC)    EC31
Electrical Construction and Maintenance  
Photovoltaic Systems Installation/Repair Technician (TCC)    PS11
Emergency Medical Services   
Emergency Medical Responder (TCC)   EB71
Emergency Medical Technician (TCC)   EMJ1 
Environmental Horticulture   
Garden Center Technician (TCC)   GC31
Landscape Specialist (TCC)  LS11 
Sustainable Urban Agriculture Technician (TCC)    SUA1 
Forensic Science Technology  
Forensic Science Fundamentals (TCC)   FSF1 
Industrial Systems Technology   
Industrial Electrician (TCC)   IE41 
Industrial Fluid Power Technician (TCC)   IF11 
Industrial Motor Control Technician (TCC)   IM41 
Programmable Control Technician I (TCC)  PC81 
Machine Tool Technology   
CNC Specialist (TCC)   CS51
Lathe Operator(TCC)   LP11 
Mill Operator (TCC)  MP11 
Practical Nursing   
Nurse Aide (TCC)   CN21 
Patient Care Assistant (TCC)  PC21
Public Safety 
Criminal Justice Fundamentals (TCC)  CJ71 
Criminal Justice Specialist (TCC)  CJ21 
Welding and Joining Technology   
NCCER Shielded Metal Arc Welding (TCC)  SM21
NCCER Dual Enrollment Shielded Metal Arc Welding (TCC)  MS71 
NCCER Gas Metal Arc Welding (TCC)  GM21
NCCER Dual Enrollment Gas Metal Arc Welding (TCC)   MGW1
NCCER Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TCC)  GT31 
NCCER Dual Enrollment Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TCC)  MGE1 
NCCER Pipe Welder (TCC)  NP31